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Reset the DSC Alexor to factory default

by admin on December 16th, 2010

Now here are the areas in the programming you need to do it. But remember you still need the Installer Code. If you don’t have it theirs a reason. Unless your alarm guy went out of business (unlikely) you need to pay for your panel and get it from him.

But if you don’t care: Hard Reset
A hard reset performs the identical function as above. It is used when the Installer code is unknown or the keypad is
not communicating with the alarm system. See steps below:
• Power down the system.
• Remove the front cover of the PC9155.
• On the terminal block, jumper I/O terminal 1 to I/O terminal 2 with nothing else connected to these two terminals.
• Power up the system for 20 seconds. (5 beeps sound to indicate that the reset has been successful).
• Power down the system and remove the jumper.
Label programming is stored in the system and locally at the keypads.
To retain label programming after performing a system reset (hard or soft) you must rebroadcast the labels by entering

[996] Restore Wireless Default Programming All programming in section

[804] Wireless Device Programming returns to the factory defaults.

[998] Restore Panel Default Programming All programming in the PC9155 returns to the factory defaults, except for the Wireless Device Programming sections.

[999] Restore Factory Default Programming
All programming, including wireless device programming, returns to the factory defaults.

Resetting the System to Factory Defaults
6.4 Troubleshooting
Resetting the alarm system returns it to the factory programmed defaults.
All programmed information including wireless enrollment, telephone numbers etc. will be lost.
• The Installer code changes back to [5555].
• The Master code reverts back to [1234].
• To enter ‘System Default’ from the “Ready to Arm Screen”:
where  represents the new installer code programmed in
Installer Programming to replace the 5555 default installer code.
• To reset the alarm system:
Other software resets are as follows:
• System Default [999]
• Panel Only [998]
• Wireless Devices [996]

From → PC9155

  1. I have a DSC system and I need the installer code. It is not an Alexor. Are the older hardwired only systems reset the same way? I/O 1 to I/o 2?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Tech1 permalink

      The process for a hardwire panel is the same, but the terminals you need to jumper are PGM1 and Z1.

  2. Jim U permalink

    I cannot connect to the PC9155 with a pc link cable. I keep getting the message (Panel could not be identified) I have changed all the codes that were factory. I have enrolled two keypads but cant connect to the unit. Any ideas why?
    Thanks, Jim

  3. Boldy permalink


    I have a problem with my DSC ALexor. I tried to the make it a short circuit between a I/O terminal 1 to I/O terminal 2. After that Power up the system…I followed your instructions, but everything is the same. After that the system is rebooting and all parameters are the same.
    Why? What is wrong?What should I do?
    Thank you for your help and support!


  4. Jim U permalink

    I cannot communicate with a PC Link to my PC 9155. Anyone out there no any answers to why. I have the com port set right and the panel ID correct but it will not stay connected to the panel for a download or upload. I have tried a laptop and a desktop with the same results.

  5. Scott permalink

    Will following the instructions to perform a hard reset and retain label programming result in retaining wireless enrollement? If not, what labels are being retained?

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